Voodoo Stage 2 Low Lift Hydraulic Roller Cam - GM V8 LS Gen III/IV 269/281

The Lunati Voodoo LL (Low Lift) series camshafts for GM LS 1997-2015, 3-bolt applications give you the awesome power of a Voodoo grind while still allowing use of factory valve springs – ANY factory GM LS valve spring. These are the most powerful, factory valve spring-compatible camshafts on the market today and perfectly blend ease of installation with outstanding performance. Available in four stages to allow users to select the best fit for their application and performance goals, the Voodoo LL Series lobes have been optimized to allow 6200+ RPM with excellent dynamics, even with light load, factory design valve springs.

  • Excellent performance without the hassle of upgrading your valve springs
  • Works with ANY factory GM LS valve spring
  • Latest version of Voodoo lobes that have been optimized to allow 6200+ RPM with excellent dynamics
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Great in high performance 4.8L/5.3L/5.7L applications with automatic transmissions or over 3,500 lbs. Largest "Low Lift" Voodoo grind that can perform well with a stock converter. Advertised Duration IN/EX: 269/281; Duration @ .050" IN/EX 219/231; Valve Lift IN/EX: .542"/.542"; LSA/ICL: 113/109; RPM Range: 1500-6000

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UPC 788120815147
Manufacturer lunati
Emissions Code 6