Voodoo Crank And Rod Kit - Chevrolet Small Block 383 Stroker (2-Piece Rear Seal)

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The Voodoo® Small Block Chevrolet 383 Stroker Crank and Rod Kit from Lunati® combines high-quality components with an affordable price. Each kit includes a 3.750" stroke Lunati crankshaft, 6.000" long “stroker” H-beam connecting rods, and premium main and rod bearings. Lunati crankshafts are made from non-twist forged 4340 steel alloy for strength and durability and feature lightening holes in the rod journals for reduced crankshaft inertia and increased acceleration. They are nitride heat-treated and finished with micro-polished journals. Lunati’s Voodoo H-beam rods are also made from forged 4340 steel, CNC-machined and fitted with ARP2000 rod bolts. Each Stroker Rod and Crank Kit ships with premium rod and main bearing kit. Main bearing kits are for a two-piece seal. Balancing and pistons available upon request.

  • Stroke: 3.750"
  • Rod Length: 6.000"
  • Rods: Forged 4340 steel H-beam
  • Rod Bolts: ARP2000
  • Crank: Forged 4340 non-twist steel
  • Bearings: Premium rod and main

  • Notes:
  • 350 Main/2-Piece Rear Seal
  • Balancing and Pistons available