Signature Series Crankshaft - Ford 351 Windsor Small Block 3.850" Stroke

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Signature Series Crankshaft. All rod journals are drilled with either a 7/8" or 3/4" lightening hole to reduce the inertia weight of the crankshaft. All journal radiuses are ground to .125", roundness of each journal is .0001" or less. Pulsed Plasma Nitride Heat Treated for increased strength and durability. Micropolished journals. Proven to withstand over 1500 horsepower applications.

  • Stroke: 3.850"
  • Main Bearing O.D.: 2.750"
  • Rod Journal O.D.: 2.100"
  • Minimum Rod Length: 6.200"
  • Connecting Rod: Small Chevy Rod
  • Rod Journal Width: 1.900"


  • Works With Ford Racing/Dart/World Blocks.
  • Ford Small Block - 351 Windsor w/ Cleveland main crankshafts may be used with stock Windsor blocks using bearing spacer kit #MS2255SEMI and #MS2256H or #MS2256HX bearings.
  • Ford Small Block - 351 Windsor w/ Cleveland Main crankshafts may be used with stock Cleveland blocks with Ford Racing crank gear spacer and Windsor timing set.
  • All Lunati crankshafts MUST use narrow or chamfered main & rod bearings.
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