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Powerglide Gerotor Pump Body with Gears and Seals

Powerglide Gerotor Pump Body with Gears and Seals

Gerotor Pump

Our 100% new Gerotor front pump offers several design advantages over OEM, involute-style pumps, plus improved low RPM flow and reduced horsepower consumption. Features: 

  • Simple design; no expensive crescents to machine or wear out
  • Longer life; low velocity between inner and outer gears means less wear
  • Low noise; smooth, uniform flow of fluid
  • Reduced cavitation; design slows fluid velocity
  • Positive Trans-Brake apply
  • Reduces chance of slipping reverse clutches when backing at or near idle speed
  • Gears created with latest in powder metal technology; coated for wear resistance
  • Redesigned, bolt-in style, forged stator support tube eliminates the possibility of spinning like interference fit, OEM-style tubes do
  • Hardened steel sleeve in stator support tube yields greater wear resistance from input shaft sealing rings
  • Turbo 350/400 style input shaft bushing makes selection and swaps easy
  • Made in USA
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UPC 788120036443
Manufacturer TCI®
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