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Machining Tolerances

Connecting rods probably receive the highest stresses of any bottom end engine component. The forces the rod receives when the piston direction reverses from top dead center can exceed 12,000 lb. in a 500 C.I. Pro Stock engine. This is why Lunati rods are forged from the finest premium quality 4340 alloy steel for strength and utilize Lunati/ARP rod bolts for superior clamping forces on the rod journal.

Rod Tolerances

Closer tolerances and pride in workmanship, along with strict quality control are what makes Lunati Connecting Rods the only logical choice for serious racers. We at Lunati feel that no other manufacturer will hold the close machining tolerances in manufacturing that we do.

  • Center to Center Distance: +/- 0.0001
  • Bend and Twist: +/- 0.001 over 2.000"
  • Rod Width: +/- 0.002
  • Large End Bore: +/- 0.0002
  • Small End Bore: +/- 0.0002
  • Bearing Tang Location: +/- 0.0025