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Evolution OE-Style No Link Bar Hydraulic Roller Lifters for '87+ OE Roller SBC and LT/LS Engines - Set of 16

Evolution OE-Style No Link Bar Hydraulic Roller Lifters for Small Block 305 and 350, use in blocks originally equipped w/ hydraulic roller cam (1987-present including Gen II, III, IV & V engines) - Set of 16
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Evolution Hydraulic Roller Lifters with Hydraulic Cartridge Technology is a revolutionary patented tappet. A combination of a self-contained hydraulic cartridge within a thick wall lifter body and accompanying reduced oil volume that is less effected by oil aeration delivers the most consistent bleed rates between each lifter on the market.

The smaller volume within the hydraulic cartridge creates one of the most responsive and quietest lifters on the market today. Startup noise is greatly reduced and a precision-controlled bleed down rate ensures excellent performance at high RPM. The cartridge design also allows for an incredibly stiff lifter body, greatly reducing body distortion and further ensuring consistent hydraulic performance. This patented HCT tappet is completely new design that was developed specifically by COMP Cams to meet the demanding performance and durability required for modern street and performance street engines. The HCT and proprietary manufacturing processes of these lifters ensure precision and longevity that exceed any lifter on the market. Other features include increased duration and lift to the camshaft and two oiling features. Another industry first is the fact that the hydraulic element of this patented lifter is serviceable, allowing anyone to rebuild lifters in his or her own garage.

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UPC 036584417385
Manufacturer COMP Cams®
Emissions Code N/A
Retainment Factory Tray
Lifter Style Hydraulic Roller
Lifter Diameter 0.842 in
Lifter Travel .150 in
Lifter Seat Height 2.66 in
Lifter Overall Height 2.66 in
Lifter Wheel Diameter 0.700 in
Lifter Seat Cup Diameter 0.3125 in
Lifter Finish As Ground
Recommended Preload 0.100 in
Pushrod Seat Offset N/.A
Oil Band Top 1.42 in
Oil Band Bottom 0.93 in
Linkbar Bottom N/A
Roller Type Needle Bearing