Dodge Gen III HEMI Cam Phaser Lock Kit

The Lunati Cam Phaser Lock Kit for Dodge Gen III HEMI engines allows engine builders and enthusiasts to completely lock out variable valve timing (VVT) in HEMI applications. This makes the installation of larger camshafts possible for big power gains while still maintaining safe piston-to-valve clearance.

The phaser lock kit features a unique plug design that eliminates all slack in the system and prevents the VVT phaser from moving, giving consistent cam timing with no variability. Additionally, locking the phaser simplifies the ECU tuning process.

  • Completely eliminates VVT to allow more aggressive cam designs while maintaining proper piston-to-valve clearance
  • Installs easily and fully locks out cam phaser movement to provide consistent cam timing and variability
  • Includes application-specific tools required for proper installation