Tech Tip

If you don’t see the exact crankshaft that you need, call us at (662) 892-1500 or email us at [email protected]. We can custom build a crank to your exact specifications. See page 20 for our custom crankshaft order form.

Crankshaft Tech

The crankshaft’s job is to turn the up and down motion of the pistons into a rotational movement. Cranks are comprised of five main parts that are described below and labeled in the image.

Crankshaft Components

  • Main Journals

    Machined surfaces located at the center of the crankshaft; rotation axis of the crankshaft runs through the center point of the main journals rotate in the main bearing bore created by the engine block and main caps

  • Rod Journals

    Surface to which the connecting rods attach. They circle around the crank’s axis of rotation.

  • Counterweights

    Balance the crankshaft to eliminate harmful vibrations.

  • Snout

    Extends through the front end of the engine block; the crankshaft timing assembly is connected to the snout, as well as the damper/balancer.

  • Flange

    Mounting structure for the flywheel or flexplate

Things To Know

Below is a list of information that you should know when selecting the proper for your application.

  • Engine
  • Main Journal Size
  • Rod Journal Size
  • Connecting Rod Length
  • Snout Size - will need to know if you require standard, oversize, long, etc.
  • Crank Flange & Snout Bolt Hole Sizes