Black Magic Stage 1 Hydraulic Roller Cam – GM V8 LS Gen III/IV Truck 258/264

Add pep to the truck you use every day with this Stage 1 cam. Able to pull trailers with a little additional power. Near stock idle quality, stock converter. Advertised Duration IN/EX: 258/264; Duration @ .050" IN/EX 206/212; Valve Lift IN/EX: .525"/.534"; LSA/ICL: 114/112


Lunati's Black Magic series offers incredible power at a great price that won't break the bank. These proven lobe designs ensure reliability while still making great power and sound. Lunati's in-house all black surface finish adds durability, hardness and surface area to the cams, as well as a unique and awesome look. The finish remains intact after initial break-in and aids in identifying the "surface ride" area of the cam while the cam "stages" simplify the selection process for your specific performance goals. Black Magic Camshafts are an excellent choice for a wide range of GM LS performance applications. Only "black magic" can provide this kind of power at this price.