#74818 Signature Series Beehive Valve Spring Kit (Dodge Gen III 2003-08 5.7L HEMI)

Lunati now packages its popular .600” Lift Signature Series Beehive Valve Springs with high performance Lunati valve train components for perfectly matched Dodge Gen III 2003-2008 5.7L HEMI Valve Spring Kits.
Lunati Signature Series .600” Lift Beehive Valve Springs are proven to handle harmful dynamic valve train stress efficiently, resulting in greater RPM potential and durability. Now available in convenient kit form for high performance street and race applications, these kits match up the valve springs with the proper chrome moly steel retainers, spring seats, valve locks and valve seals for a complete valve spring installation. The unique, ovate multi-arch wire design of these Beehive valve springs places more material on the inner diameter of the spring to more evenly distribute stress throughout the wire cross-section, thereby increasing the overall durability and life of the spring. Other features include reduced mass on the retainer end of the spring, which increases RPM potential and minimizes coil surging for better valve control and reduced load loss over time.