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4-Pattern 241/251 IB, 243/253 OB Hydraulic Roller Cam for Chevrolet Small Block

4-Pattern 241/251 IB, 243/253 OB Hydraulic Roller Cam for Chevy Small Block is an excellent choice for street/strip applications with good heads and raised compression in high RPM engines. 3200+ Stall. (Note: Larger cam lobes for outboard cylinders)
  • For Retro-Fit (Link Bar) Hydraulic Roller Lifters; Fits '58-'021 262-400 cid Chevy Small Blocks2

  • Excellent for street/strip applications w/ good heads & raised compression in high RPM engines • 3200+ Stall

  • Upgraded valve train components & aftermarket cylinder heads required

  • Warning: Camshaft Optimized for use with a Melanized or Nitrided distributor gear. Not compatible with cast or steel gears without similar surface treatments. Failure to utilize the proper distributor gear will void all warranties and/or return policies.

4-PatternOptimize Valve Events Based on Runner Length • Increases Area Under the Curve & High RPM Stability

To make the most power from your engine, you need to optimize the air ingested and captured by avoiding valves closing too soon or too late. Any conventional center layout single throttle body or carbureted V8 intake manifold features longer outboard runners and shorter inboard runners, meaning that each valve event should occur at a different moment.

COMP Cams® 4-Pattern Camshafts are the very first series of cams designed to accommodate this difference in length and avoid valves closing at the wrong times. NASCAR teams have been using camshafts designed this way for years, and using lessons learned along with them, COMP Cams® has designed a series of cams that optimizes valve events and features a large increase in both area under the curve and stability at high RPM.

The camshafts feature four different lobe patterns with one intake and exhaust design for outboard runners, and another intake and exhaust design for the inboard runners. While the four inboard cylinders are all the same grinds, the outboard exhaust openings are two degrees earlier, with outboard intake closings coming two degrees later. This is the first ever use of technology in street vehicles to balance air/fuel ratio per cylinder and can net you a possible 1000+ RPM over other hydraulic rollers and anywhere from 5-20+ horsepower peak to peak, depending on cylinder head flow.

The 4-Pattern hydraulic roller cams are CNC-Machined from steel billet cores with cast iron distributor drive gears. The cams also feature a tight lobe separation for both excellent performance and a throaty sound.


4-Pattern Vs. Xtreme Energy

1: Cams for '55-'57 engines can be custom ordered. Please Call, Email, Twitter or Live Chat for details.

2: The '87+ Chevy Small Block received provisions for roller lifters. Most '87 - '93 GM cars came with roller lifters, but most '87 - '95 trucks came with flat tappet lifters in roller lifter style blocks. If your block has '87+ OEM-style roller cam provisions but does not have roller components fitted, COMP Hyd. Roller Lifter Install Kit for '87-'90 Blocks or '91-'02 Blocks can be purchased. As well as a '87+ OE-Style COMP Hyd. Roller Cam and '87+ OE-Style COMP Roller Lifters. Pre-'87 blocks require Retro-Fit Link Bar Roller Lifters.

More Information
UPC 036584259657
Manufacturer COMP Cams®
Emissions Code
Engine Family Chevrolet 262-400 c.i. 8 Cylinder (1958-1998)
RPM Operating Range 2900-7,200
Cam Type Hydraulic Roller
Camshaft Series 4-Pattern
Camshaft Gear Attachment 3-Bolt
Usage Street/Strip
California Proposition 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Advertised Inboard Intake Duration 293
Advertised Inboard Exhaust Duration 305
Advertised Outboard Intake Duration 295
Advertised Outboard Exhaust Duration 307
Inboard Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift 241
Inboard Exhaust Duration at .050 Inch Lift 251
Outboard Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift 243
Outboard Exhaust Duration at .050 Inch Lift 253
Inboard Intake Valve Lift 0.637
Inboard Exhaust Valve Lift 0.622
Outboard Intake Valve Lift 0.638
Outboard Exhaust Valve Lift 0.622
Lobe Separation 108.5 OB/107.5 IB
Lifter Style Hydraulic Roller