Voodoo SBC Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms - 10% Off

These aluminum roller rocker arms are the product of extensive testing, including special deflection and high RPM simulations. Proven to endure more than 100,000 miles of elevated engine speeds, Voodoo® Roller Rockers are perfect for any enthusiast looking for a replacement rocker arm that will far exceed the quality of their OEM units as well as competitors’ versions. Voodoo® aluminum roller rocker arms for Chevrolet small block (283-400) applications Rocker Ratio: 1.6 Rocker Stud: 3/8 in. Quantity: 16

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View Product 85310LUN Closeout Style Voodoo® Roller Rockers - Chevrolet (283-400) 1.6 ratio 3/8 10% Off $276.00