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Bootlegger Camshafts

The new line of Voodoo Crankshafts from LunatiĀ® gives you a great product that is engineered from 4340 non-twist forging that is known for its durability and strength in high performance applications, all Voodoo Cranks are nitride heat treated with micropolished journals to add even further durability. Lightening holes in the rod journals reduce crankshaft inertia weight for faster rotation.

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 Part NumberDetailsPrice 
P/N: XXX54224HR GM LS Bootlegger Camshaft - 2500-6200 $430.15
P/N: XXX54228HR GM LS Bootlegger Camshaft - 2700-6300 $430.15
P/N: XXX54232HR GM LS Bootlegger Camshaft - 3000-6500 $430.15