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Gear Drives

Nothing beats the precision of a well made gear drive. We are pleased to offer what we consider to be the finest gear drives on the market today. The Lunati gear drive is a dual idler drive, fully rollerized using high quality bearings throughout. The cam gear uses a bronze wear plate and is predrilled for an offset timing bushing, which is included with the set. A rollerized cam button is also included for use with a roller camshaft. The gear drive is easily installed and will fit under a stock front cover.

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Part NumberDetailsPrice 
P/N: 93105 Gear Drive - Chevrolet 262-400 $191.56
P/N: 93106 Gear Drive - Chevrolet 396-454 $248.31
P/N: 93107 Gear Drive - SB Chevrolet 262-400 with OE Hydraulic Roller $223.28