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Race Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters

All of the components of the Lunati Hydraulic Race Lifters are held to higher tolerances for superior performance. The plunger has a much tighter fit to the body, which reduces the amount of leaked pressure, keeping the lifter stiffer and more responsive. The one-piece pushrod seat is heat treated, which prevents the seat from damage and is equipped with a heavy duty snap ring to reduce wear and increase durability. The Hydraulic Race Lifters have a pre-load that can be set to .000"-.030" and are the best option for racers looking to go beyond a stock replacement lifter.

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 Part NumberDetailsPrice 
P/N: 71817G-16 Hydraulic Race Flat Tappet Lifters - Chevrolet Small Block 262 - 400, 396 - 454 (Set Of 16) $84.00
P/N: 71900G-16 Hydraulic Race Flat Tappet Lifters - Ford V8 221 - 302, 351C - 400M, 351W, 370 - 460 (Set Of 16) $83.86