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ARP 8740 Rod Bolts

Constructed of a premium grade heat-treated 8740 alloy chrome moly steel, the ARP High Performance connecting rod bolts feature a tensile strength in the 200,000 psi range. This makes the rod bolts significantly stronger and more reliable than stock bolts.

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Part NumberDetailsPrice 
P/N: CRB155 ARP 8740 Rod Bolt - 7/16 in. X 1.400 in. $7.12
P/N: CRB160 ARP 8740 Rod Bolt - 3/8 in. X 1.585 in. $4.62
P/N: CRB175 ARP 8740 Rod Bolt - 7/16 in. X 1.600 in. $7.97
P/N: CRB180 ARP 8740 Rod Bolt - 7/16 in. X 1.650 in. $7.97