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Signature Series - Crankshafts

As our premium line, a Signature Series Crankshaft is the strongest crankshaft you will find for your engine. Its specialized non-twist 4340 forged steel construction comes completely profiled and detailed to our racing specs and has proven to withstand applications well over 1500 horsepower. Many design features such as gun drilled mains, lightened rod journals, micropolished journals and a windage reducing Contoured Wing counterweight profile make the Signature Series the best choice for serious racers. Each Signature Series crankshaft is Pulsed Plasma Nitride Heat Treated for increased strength and durability

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 Part NumberDetailsPrice 
P/N: 65540001 Signature Series Crankshaft - GM LT1 GEN V 4.000" Stroke $2,925.00
P/N: 65541251 Signature Series Crankshaft - GM LT1 GEN V 4.125" Stroke $2,925.00